6 December 2013

Have fun in cold days!

When the outside is rainy or cold is the kids are bored.
...So I prepared the tasks that you can do with your child.

The first task: Make Styrofoam Ships 

What we need:
  •      a piece of styrofoam
  •      stick
  •      piece of material
  •      glue
  •      Paper cutter *
* best as a parent will cut the shape of a ship

Ships can make different sizes. I decided to make a small ships.

 The second task: Make a Disco Highway

 To construct a Disco Highway is the best to use a thin painter’s tape, because it is easy to stick and peel off. I've used colored tape that I bought at Lidl, but this tape certainly leave glue on the floor so I used it on the carpet. 

Tired fun :-) {Puffi - HERE}
How can you even use tape?

Maybe you have some interesting ideas, which you want


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