30 June 2013

Fabric Cubby House. Welcome to my little house.

I really enjoyed working on this project. I finished it late and wanted to have it on the table for when the kid woke up. He LOVES it!!  Kai is quite content just sitting inside and watching everyone through the little window.

I saw the idea a while ago in web. I tucked it in the back of my mind. When I saw that my son begins to hide in the closet and he plays there and I had a burst of enthusiasm to make one for him. I wanted to build a house of cardboard {see here and here} but I didn’t have any place enough in our house.

You need a few sheets of fabric and a couple of hours sewing and an ordinary table becomes a fort, or a little shop, or a cave or whatever!

The priceless joy of a child!

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    1. That's the effect of sharing the iPad...i was sure that this is me who is logged in:) I will repeat- Asia you'r my Idol:))))

  2. Świetny. też mam zamiar zrobic taki domek moim pociecha, ale niestety nie mam czasu:( Ale twój naprawde jest świetny.

  3. That is lovely, and amazing! Very nice job :-)
    What a great space for a little boy to have. He looks so happy in there! Lucky boy.

  4. Lovely and amazing ! I will try to do similar for my son ;-)

  5. Rewelacyjny domek Joanno, aż żałuję, że dziecię mi wyrosło, bo bym mu tez taki "praktyczny" obrusik sprawiła :) :) :)

  6. Adorable! Well done, looks amazing!
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