5 July 2013

Tangram Puzzles. DIY

I'm sure you know what a tangram is but didn't know it was called a tangram ;-). If you've never even seen one, it's sort of a puzzle and sort of a game made of 7 geometric shape. Simple to play with endless puzzle shapes possibilities. It was originally invented in China during the Song Dynasty, and then carried over to Europe by trading ships in the early 19th century {read more here}. The objective is to figure out how to make a given shape, which is shown only in silhouette, using the pieces and not overlapping any.

You'll need:
You can use any material you want to make your tangram set, the only requirement being that you can cut or form it in to the shapes.

I made a version to play on the fridge using magnetic sheet and felt.
I made a small felt pillows in the shape of the elements needed to tangram. The small felt pillows are very good for my little boy because it is easy to detach them from the fridge. At first I wanted to sew magnetic sheet inside, but the felt was too thick and didn't stick on the fridge so I glued magnetic sheet outside {unfortunately, this is not a good solution, because my son is trying to break the magnetic sheet}.

My son, Kai, really enjoyed playing with his puzzle although he might not be quite ready for it. I think, he is too young but it  doesn't matter. Have fun!

 When my son went to sleep I had a blast just playing around with the shapes and seeing what I could make. 

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  1. Ha! I love it! He is so cute playing with them, it doesn't matter if he's too young as long as he's having fun. I like the shapes you made. I hope he doesn't pull them apart ;-)

  2. Love this idea, and enJOYing the brainstorm you have given me. Love your blog which I found over at "Gina's Craft Corner" on the Blog Hop.

  3. It does look fun and he's a cutie! Visiting today from Sincerely Paula's weekend blog hop


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