5 January 2015

Great Grandparents Gift

Hi, everyone in New Year. I hope that this year will be better than last one and all your dreams come true.

In Poland, where I come from, we celebrate Grandmother's Day and Grandfather's day. This days are the same important as Mother's Day or Father's Day. Is celebrated on the 21 January - Grandmother's Day and the 22 January - Grandfather's day. Why we celebrate these days? The answer is very easy - we ♥ our grandparents.

On the occasion of the Grandparents' Day I have prepared easy activity for children, so that they can make a little gift for grandparents. Certainly, younger children will need our help.

What will we need?

  • photos
  • flexible magnetic tape {to buy craft shops}
  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • laminator 
  • laminating pouches
  • needle
  • yarn  

I think that such a gift that was made by the grandchildren will make the joy of his grandfather.



  1. That's adorable! I'm thinking these would also make great Christmas tree ornaments. I know we just finished Christmas, but hey... its never too early to start thinking about next year:)

    1. Yes, never too early. It's great idea for Christmas free ornamets.

  2. Aww these are a beautiful idea Joanna :) Happy New Year. Thanks for linking up to Creative Monday..


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