19 January 2015

Easy Activity for Kids - Pom Poms and Straws {THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} #3

As I think of some great fun for my little boy, I have to expect that he would be interested in this a maximum of 20 minutes. Usually the most ordinary games are hit.

What will need:

  • drinking straw
  • craft pompoms

The rules of our activity (that can be broken by younger kids): Blowing pompoms from point A to point B.

What they are learning as they play:

physicalBlowing pompoms are great oral-motor-skills practice.

personal, social and emotional: concentration, HEAPS of playful fun!

Kind of  this ordinary moment, ordinary things, but as I look at my son, I see in his eyes, passion, determination and extraordinary creativity. I am suggesting to him play, and in the end, instead of something to do at home I stare at my kid.



  1. Oh he's so very cute, and what a great game to keep him occupied. I hadn't come across this before and although it's simple I can imagine quite a lot of imaginary commentary goes along with this game. He looks like he's having fun

    1. thank you. He's a great time and had a lot of ideas for this game.

  2. This is such a simple but great idea- my girls would love this! I will definitely be trying this, thank you for the tip.

  3. You are so right that simple is often best. And not too many rules or pre-determined outcomes. This would be a great game for a restaurant where you need a little distraction while waiting for the food.. very quiet!

    1. a great game for a restaurant! - I didn't think about this. :-)


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