22 January 2014

Vintage Fashion Inspiration 2/20

Hair accessories
Today's post about Vintage Hair Inspiration. Given that the magazine, which I share with you, is not a style magazine. As I have written in my previous post {HERE}, this is the oldest Polish weekly magazine.

fashionable fringe

Pictures that you may see in this post come from "Przekrój" magazines collected in 1953, 1956 and 1958
By the way, I really like the way it was designed. There was a place for fashion, letters to the editors, theater reviews or texts of notable Polish writers and poets etc. I will write you something more about it next month.

 In this magazine rarely appeared articles about hairstyling. There were brief articles, DIY type of styling and hair care.

In the next post Skiing Fashion.

*All images are from magazine "Przekrój"


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  1. Interesting hairstyles, I never realised how many styles there was with shorter hair :-)


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