18 January 2014

Vintage Fashion Inspiration 1/20

  If you want to know something about Polish Vintage Trend of the 50's don't hesitate to visit my blog every Wednesday.

This time are the Fashion Inspirations from magazines published in 1953.

I'm not an expert, or a huge fan of vintage style. I love to browse old books and magazines, which I have found couple years ago on the attic of an old house in Poland.

Summer collection

 For some time, I’ll be posting some Inspirations from my collection of Polish magazine ‘Przekrój’ {English - 'Cross-section', more about - here}. 

 ‘Przekrój’ the oldest Polish newsmagazine, established in 1945 in Crakow. The publication of this magazine has been temporarily suspended but with the option of restart of the new publications {It's last issue was published on the 30th of September 2013}.

  I love this magazine, I have sat with it for hours just browsing on realy nice stuff.

   These old magazines were like time travel. There are articles about fashion, science, children, stars, etc. From self help, to design. You would be hooked. Certainly I am.

    Posts from the "Inspiration" in the trend of Vintage will appear every Wednesday during 20 weeks. What will be next? We'll see.
Everyone is Welcome.
*All images are from magazine "Przekrój"



  1. Great idea Asia:D I love it:D

  2. I love this fashion era, I would wear them now :) will stop by on Wednesday to see more vintage fashion :)

  3. These catalog photos could be from today. I Love the looks. It's amazing that most clothing from this era is wearable today. Mt maternal grandmother was polish and I cannot wait to see what other treasures you have in store for us.
    Barbara @

  4. Hi, I have some vintage patterns. It's always fun looking at fashion. My grandma's family was from Poland. Visiting from @DearCreatives & sits. I didn't find a thread in the forum for our group. Just dropping in to say hi! Theresa

    1. thanks for visit. Polish people are everywhere ;-)

  5. I love vintage style. I wish we still dresses like this. There's something so wonderful about it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the inspiration you share. Stopping by from SITS!

  6. I love the vintage catalog! The dresses are beautiful.
    Stopping by from SITS!
    Ginna @ The New Mercantile


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