9 June 2015

Kid's Room Decor #3. Pillow covers tutorial.

Another change in my little boy's room. This time I've sewn pillow covers. I have prepared for you easy tutorial, how to sew pillow cover?

Step1. Measure your pillow.
Step2. Cut front and back pieces. Back pieces should be about 10 inches longer.
Step 3. Cut the back piece in half, next fold long edge over and sew 2x.
Step 4. Position fabric pieces and pin together.
Step 5. Sew around edges.
Step 6. Flip right sides out.


Of course, finishes is an individual matter :-).

Currently, I almost have done my son's wardrobe. About this soon.
And tomorrow, I and my blogging friend invite you to join our photography project.

click on the picture for more information



  1. Jo that is jus briliant!!! I love the fabric! Great tutorial, as I am going to do some of them as well. I'm also starting my room project soon :)

    1. I can't wait when you'll start your project.

  2. These look great Joanna. love how they turned out :) great tutorial..

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop..


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