29 May 2014

Fresh fruit salad.

 Fruit salads are quite easy, you don't need to know the recipe, just a little of your imagination and ripe fruit. Of course, fruits taste the best in the summer, even in rainy Scotland ;-)

Very easy fruit salad with whatever fruits you can find in the shops.

Do you have any recipes for fruit salad? If you want to share with me the recipe, leave a link in the comments, and I will visit your blog.

Bon appetit!



  1. We love fruit salad. I might have to make one today as we have quite a bit of summer fruits we just purchased. Yours look yummy. Feel free to share it at this weeks party. Nice catching up with you today. Theresa @DearCreatives

  2. love the fruit salad always try to get the boys to eat fruits which with teenagers is not easy thanks for sharing have a great weekend

    1. I love too but I have the same problem but my boy is 2.


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