20 July 2015


As I was pregnant, as I have probably mentioned before, it was a very exhausting for me. Almost every day I struggled with nausea. Unfortunately,  I wasn't one of those lucky mothers who could enjoy a great mood and are full of energy -  oh, you have no idea how I envied mum.  Question - Are you all right?- It made me sick. I do not like to complain, so I answered diplomatically - well, but I'm a little tired. And how was it really, I was exhausted, my boobs hurt, and stomach painfully cracked (first pregnancy was easier). However, I am lucky, childbirth lasted only two hours, and the world came my second, healthy and handsome son. Just three months passed, I go back to what I love, that are, sewing, designing, painting and take pictures. I wish it all happened quickly, but I can not; I would like to posts popping up at least three times a week, but it was not possible. I have to put up with it and enjoy the time I have. Unfortunately I can not overwhelm you with their ideas every day, which it is a pity, but I know you're understanding, because most of you are parents.

Trousers for my children I was able to sew at night. I always use one basic patterns, I'm just a little change, narrowing, widens, and etc.

What I am lucky, my sons like each other. I can not say that was a 100% idyll, Kai likes to wake  his brother, because during the day is not sleeping time :-) 



  1. Lovely! I am looking for an easy pattern for pyjamas for my little one. You are inspiring :)

  2. So cute - I miss those days. I once made matching dresses for my daughter and my niece.. it was so fun! Your boys are adorable...

    1. thanks. I am glad every moment, the time passes quickly. Greetings


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