1 February 2015

Monthly Diary - January #1

January passed very quickly, spring closer and I have more and more energy, even though I am getting thicker;-). I began to 33 weeks of my pregnancy. And what has happened over this month on the blog - Check it out.

These stuffed peppers recipe is very delicious,make a great healthy lunch or dinner. This recipe really is a filling meal and you don't really need anything else on your plate.

Some time ago appeared on my blog very similar recipe - Chocolate - Avocado Mousse. In my house, we love the combination of banana, avocado and chocolate. My child loves this mousse, so  I smuggle into his chocolate mousse, for example, linseed or sweetening with dates.

This year you will find, as well as activities for children. As I think of some great fun for my little boy, I have to expect that he would be interested in this a maximum of 20 minutes. Usually the most ordinary games are hit.

"Mum cheese!" said my son. It's means - Mum takes your camera and takes a picture of me. My lovely little boy.
You can find a lot of pictures of my son in this months, every Sunday. 

My last week shoot you can see here 52/1
My last week shoot you can see here 52/2
My last week shoot you can see here 52/3
My last week shoot you can see here 52/4

I and my blogging friend start photo project. The whole year has got 52 weeks. Each Saturday of the year we will present pictures of our kids taken in that week. This can be one photo or a whole bundle of photos. To join the project just simply add a link to your post at the bottom of each Saturday post either on Be Creative Mommy or My Little Madness UK, or both.

Another change in my little boy's room. This time I've sewn pillow covers. I have prepared for you easy tutorial, how to sew pillow cover.

In Poland, where I come from, we celebrate Grandmother's Day and Grandfather's day. This days are the same important as Mother's Day or Father's Day. Is celebrated on the 21 January - Grandmother's Day and the 22 January - Grandfather's day. Why we celebrate these days? The answer is very easy - we ♥ our grandparents. On the occasion of the Grandparents' Day I have prepared easy activity for children, so that they can make a little gift for grandparents. Certainly, younger children will need our help.



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