23 November 2014

Mini Hats - Simple Christmas Crafts

When I saw these wee hats for the first time, immediately I thought that I have to do this for me- it's so sweet. Hats are quite easy and you can do with your kids. 

To make a mini hat you need:
1. Scissors
2. Toilet paper or paper towel tube
3. Measuring tape or ruler
4.  Yarn

  • flatten your paper tube, measure sections that are 3 of an cm wide, and then cut,
  • cut yarn, fold each piece in half and cut as many as you possibly can,
  • slip the loop from one strand of yarn through a paper tube. Loop it around the two ends and pull tight,
  • keep going all the way around the tube,
  • now squish all those strands through the tube, have just formed the brim of the hat,

  • using one of spare strands of yarn tie a double knot about an cm from the brim,
  • trim the loose strands to form a puffball,

Done! Pretty cute, right?




  1. Oh my gosh these are gorgeous, how cute! I just got creative today by making some chocolates and presenting them as Christmas gifts in jam jars! Would love if you checked it out on my blog! x

  2. Hi Joanna, How are you? This is such a cute idea! Pinning! Thanks for coming to the party @DearCreatives I need to pop by more often, sorry I've been so busy. Thanks for the holiday - winter craft inspiration! Theresa

    1. Thanks, don't worry I have also been busy last time.

  3. These are super cute!! And they actually look like their knit!


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