5 May 2016

Tutorial: Tissue Paper Pom Poms - Minions Birthday Party.

I refresh another old post. I'm pretty busy, so often I reach for the old posts, I hope that you like it.

Aren’t these tissue paper pompoms beautiful?! Here’s how to make them.

Step 1.  Start by placing the eight sheets of tissue paper {the shape of a long square} on top of each other. If you’re using different colours place them in the order you’d like them to appear. I've used luncheon napkins, so to get a ball, after following all the steps, connect the two hemispheres together.  

Step 2.  Next, you need to fold them all together in a concertina style. Keep folding back and forth until you then have one long strip. 

Step 3.  Take a length of your twine and tie it around the middle of the strip of folded sheets of paper, and tie securely. Don’t squash the paper, just tie around them to essentially keep them together.

Step 4.  Next, cut each of the ends of this bulk of paper in a curve, as per the photo below. You’ll need to use fairly strong scissors to be able to cut through all of the paper together.

Step 5.  Next, take each sheet of paper and very carefully separate it from the one underneath. Be very careful not to tear them!

How to create Minions of paper pom poms?
Nothing easier;-)
Circle, circle, circle, rectangle ...
Some Minions have one eye.




  1. Love these, such a creative idea. My daughter loves the minions... Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays....

    1. Featuring and pinned this week at the hop :) thanks for sharing :)

    2. thanks, I so busy and tired last time and I miss many things
      thanks Claire xxx

  2. I love these too! I think we will give them a go at the weekend. My kids all love the minions x


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