1 December 2013

Christmas Calendars - Inspiration {DIY}

 This year I decided on a different form of the Advent calendar. My Calendars might be called: Calendar busy parents or Calendar little patient parents. I chose name Calendar little patient mommy. Why? - How do you explain the 20 month old child that can open only one packet when hanging on the wall of their 24 packs? So I decided on this calendar.

 You can still do it. It's not too late.
So, do it!

 Both calendars are really quite easy to do and does not need special instructions - how to do?

The first calendar is a box where you easily throw something new every day.
 We will need
  • box
  • decorative ribbons
  • black acrylic paint

In fact, except for the box, we don't need nothing. Maybe we need a little time.

I’ve listed of suggestions to children that should fit inside:
  •  Write a Letter to Santa
  •  Go buy a Christmas Tree
  •  Baking cookies
  •  Make Christmas cards etc. 
Are you any idea? You put sweets in the box.
The second calendar is as easy as the first. This I did for my son.
I've used a blackboard which I embellished
That's all. 

The first day of the task - Write a letter to Santa Claus.
I have a SURPRISE for you.
I have prepared for you free printables.

Every piture is a separate jpg, set in A-4 size, so you don't have anything set up for printing.
Pictures available HERE

Ps. Please respect my work 
  FREE for personal use only.


  1. very ingenious :)

    1. dziękuję, idę wprawdzie podsuną mi wujek goole, ale wykonanie w 100% moje ;-)

  2. Aww such a lovely idea :)
    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays..

  3. Bardzo pomysłowe! :D

    Zapraszam w odwiedziny do mnie. :)
    Pozdrawiam, adzikowe pole...

  4. Wspaniałe!:)
    Przypomniałaś nam o liście do św. Mikołaja:)

    1. dziękuję i myślę, że list do M. napisany

  5. Cool idea. Love it ... I'm gonna try it out.
    Thanks for sharing Hun!


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