5 November 2013

Be Merry... ho ho ho

  Exist on ETSY is not easy. You are competing with sellers all over the world. People make and sell beautiful things so that you can watch them for hours, and hours...  and many of them would have wished.

Sometimes I think I should stop, it's not for me, I'm not good enough. However, thanks to my readers who leave nice comments under my posts. Thanks to you, they are trying to do something.
Of many nice comments, I especially remember this:
 "This is a wonderful packaging idea! It shows how dedicated you are to your business and I'm sure that your clients appreciate your hard work. This may take time and demand effort but seeing your clients satisfied makes it all worth it. Continue doing this, Joanna!"
Vernia Soriano @ One Sixty Fourth I try
 Bay HERE and HERE

This is the first Holidays in my etsy shop. On this occasion, I prepared for you competitive prices. I hope that you will find something  for Yourself.

Christmas in my etsy shop
Click on the pictures

entrance to the shop

What have I prepared for you?

1. 10% discount for shopping over £ 10 - Cupon Code: HOHOHO ( Expires On 25 Dec, 2013)

2. When you buy Christmas products, which will be marked with a snowflake, you pay only once for shipping.
3. When you buy during the holiday season (November 4 - December 24) will automatically get a 12% discount on your next shopping in my Etsy Shop.

4. Good price for delivery.

Any questions? - write. 

I make my things with passion and love 



 And you - what do you think of my shop?  
Accept any constructive criticism. A nice comments equally welcome.


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  1. Twoje prace są piękne. Bombeczki mnie urzekły.

    1. Dziękuje. Zawsze jak się nie sprzeda to będę miała ładnie udekorowaną choinkę :-)

  2. Hoł hoł hoł ! :)
    u mnie też już mózg świątecznie pracuje. Jak zwykle podziwiam Twój talent :*

  3. I think it is great that you are doing your shop. If it was easy, everyone would do it! I think it is the same for lots of ETSY sellers. But your shop is lovely and your packaging is yes, beautiful :-)

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, sometimes I have bad days. But I'm not going to give up. :-)


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