18 October 2013

Let your kid to make own bodysuit.

After the last play markers. Kai's bodysuit needed to continue in decorating ;-). My son had some time to paint disgust, he didn't like do it. Currently he loves to paint again and I gave him his bodysuit, which was already a little painted by him.

 My little son began decorating using fabric pens. He painted with great concentration {I hope to paint the clothes will not become his habit ;-)}
He also used the paint to the fabric.
 He loved it, and I loved to watch my 1.5 year old child involved in painting.
...and here is his work.
Then I guessed what son painted. And here is the result of our work together. Do you like it?

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  1. Aww he looked like he was having lots of fun, great design and pictures :)

    Thanks for sharing a the weekend blog hop ...


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