25 June 2015

twinkle twinkle little star - KIDS ROOM DECOR #5

Some time ago I made another step in renewing Kai's room . Some have seen in my Instagram photos, which of course welcome.
This time I decided to decorate the wall of the room. I chose the stars, because Kai likes them and I knew that he will be glad and I wasn't wrong.
To do the stars I used vinyl wallpaper. Stars of vinyl wallpaper is very easy to sticking and easy to remove, which is important when renting a flat (though I don't give a 100% guarantee).

Looking at the arrangement of yellow stars, if you guessed what it might mean? It is a constellation of stars of the zodiac fish, under which my son was born. As we finished stick stars, my son Kai was  watching and he smiled.

Theme of stars is quite popular, but spite of its popularity is charming.
To the theme of stars I will come back on the occasion of the preparation for Nerio corner. And how do you like this theme?

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