21 July 2014

Colours in nature - Activity for kids

Great ideas for learning about colours. I love outdoor learning ideas for kids!
With a few paint chips, you can head outdoors with the kids to explore the many varieties of colours found in nature by going on an outdoor adventure colour hunt together.
How to do Outdoor Color Hunt?

  • a few paint chip cards
  • scissors
  • twine to tie or a binder ring
  • punch to make a large hole in each shade

Kai is always up for any excuse to go outside, so this activity was a great! Although my two year son quickly got bored look of colours, but we were out and had a good time. Sure we get back to the fun.

Have fun! 



  1. Very cute and affordable idea! Love any new way to interact with nature. That would make a walk all the more fun:)

  2. Piękne, masz prawdziwy talent do tworzenia tego typu rzeczy!


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