4 April 2014

Family Photo Book.. DIY

We live far from our immediate family, so I decided to create a special family album for my son. The album will be a bit like a book that my son will be able to watch every day learning the names of the members of our family. Photos will be exchanged and of course we will add more.

What you need:
  • empty black sketchbook
  • pen white, gold or silver
  • imagination
  • family photos 

The album I used pictures from Instagram. You can create a cool climate, and the album educate my child.

Thank you for the inspiration of my blogging friend who once wrote about the idea of ​​a family album {żiżi ...a peek into my crazy world}



  1. Hi Joanna, Your photo book turned out lovely! I'm pinning it to my journals board. Hope your having a great week!!


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