28 March 2014

Books for children from second-hand.

 When I've already known what kind of books my son likes, I went to the second hand shop.

I always loved to see children's books. The best are those that like to see children and parents. One of my dreams is to be an illustrator of children's books - maybe one day {for now I draw and hide these drawings in a drawer}.
I paid for these three books £ 3. The new you have to pay about for these three books £ 20, so it is worth checking the second hand shop.

My favorite, also my son - The Very Clever Crocodile by Jack Tickle {see here}

Piranhas - My son's favourite parts of the book.

Crocodile - My husband's favourite.

Warthog - My favourite.

The second book is quite enjoyable - Little Puppy. The big advantage of this book is that it is very strong and I don't have to fear that my son something breaks off.

The third book in my opinion is for older kids, but a lot of fun and mess - Magnetic Let's Play Trains {here}.

You might want to look for used books for children, but it isn't like buying a new ;-)



  1. We love secondhand books! I get to buy my kiddos a couple of new books each week for a fraction of the cost of new. I've even found some that look brand new which I've put away for Christmas and birthday gifts as they get older. I love books and at the moment they do too so I want to surround them with books to maintain that passion as they grow!


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