15 September 2013

The Sweet Clouds for Your Child's Room. DIY

Recently I see that the decorations in the shape of clouds are very popular. I love this shape, as I love the sky with clouds. Beautiful clouds are in the Netherlands. Once I thought that only the Dutch painters painted it, but it's true there are amazing clouds. Currently I live in beautiful Scotland, but I was a little wistfully behind that clouds.

What you need to create your own sky with clouds:
needle and thread
the wool pompoms
a piece of paper to prepare stencil
soft toy filling
fabric glue
free time ;-)

After preparing a template I cut out clouds of them felt. Then I prepared letters of felt. Remember to stick the letters before that as you will sew the cloud.
How to make a pompoms you find HERE

The cute small clouds makes a great feature for any child's room of nursery. They can also be a great birthday gift and perfect gift for baby showers.

If you do not have time to make your own clouds, I invite HERE

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