10 September 2013

Fun Rock Painting Craft Ideas.

Rock painting is an economical and fun way to spend a few afternoons. And with a little creativity rocks can become anything! (And they are free!). I think it is more fun for older children. My 17 months old son after 5 minutes, got bored. He wanted to paint a cat, not stones. But it doesn't  matter, as he went to bed I had a great time painting rocks.

You will need:

smooth stones
acrylic paint 
some type of  acrylic varnish
My son's minimalist masterpiece. ;-)


What else can you think of?

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1 comment

  1. Love this. One Easter after our grands got too old to hunt Easter eggs we had a rock painting contest. It was a big hit. Got some of them somewhere. They, of course, forgot to take them home with them.


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