7 March 2013

Place Cards. Planning a first birthday.

Hello again. I hope you don't forgot about me. ;-)I was busy moving and unfortunately my boys were sick (nasty flu).
Today is one of the most important days for me and my husband. My son's first birthday.
I can say that it was a really wonderful year for us.

A small party for my son will be on Sunday.
Today, another part of the planing 
- Place Cards.
I know that for children it does not matter where they are sitting, but I hope that they will be happy when they see the ships with their name.

Our little boy when he was only one day.

Our little boy when he has a year.
We ♥♥♥ our son Kai.

How to do origami ships?
Just click on the picture...

Just click on the picture...

Birthday Party




  1. Happy Birthday to Kai! Special day for all of you.
    Enjoy your birthday party :-)

  2. Wszystkiego najlepszego Kai!!!!! :) Ależ szybko ten rok zleciał :) A jak mu włoski pojaśniały uroczo.
    Mam nadzieję, że już w pełni zdrowi jesteście?
    Super imprezy urodzinowej życzę :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS (from your newest follower...)
    I've just nominated you for the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD!!!!

    Check out the nomination, what it means, and what to do next, here:Liebster Award

    Marianne, from Sandling All Day

  4. dzieciatka stanowczo za szybko rosna, najlepszosci dla WAs i duzo fantastycznych zabawa dla Kaja:))

    Statki orginalne ze hej, w zyciu bym nie wpadla:)

  5. Awesome, and such adorable pictures :)
    Thanks so much for linking up on Tutorial Thursdays, love your crafts, hope to see you again this week :)


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