12 March 2013

Decorations for a birthday party.

Our son had a birthday on March 7, but we celebrated his birthday party on Sunday. It was special for us because it was the first birthday of our son. 
We are doing an ocean theme party. I found many an ocean Birthday Party ideas, but there wasn't enough time to do everything. We was busy moving and my boys were sick. Maybe in a few years we will return to this topic.

Banner I prepared with a recycling paper and I used a sewing machines. I don't know why but I love sewing paper.

I drew the outlines of delfin, then cut them out to create the stencils. It's not hard. I bought a small stick and wiggle eyes to crafts.
You simple can't have an ocean party without an ocean cake but about this next time.

Just click on the picture...

Birthday Party




  1. I love the sewed paper! It looks wonderful. You give me lots of ideas for things I can do one day too :-)

  2. napracowalas sie szyjac ten papier, ja nie lubie a probowalam ;-) bryyy

    Pieknie inspirujesz:*

  3. Ale się napracowałaś :D pięknie aż z wrażenia języka zapomniałam ^^

    1. oj dziekuje. Miód na moje łase komplementow serce

  4. Cudowne dekoracje!!! Oj wysoko stawiasz poprzeczkę ;) a i inspirujesz cudnie!

  5. Creating your own party decorations can be fun and easy to do. In fact, it can be almost as easy as buying the streamers and commercial decorations at the store, but far more entertaining and unique! and if you wanna make your party more attractive then you can take some ideas from here : Birthday party decorations UK


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