5 February 2015

What do we read? Time for Monster {THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} #5

Sometimes children's books are so well designed that you do not need to know foreign languages. Such is this book. I bought this book a long time ago because I liked its design. Despite my enthusiasm, I had to wait for my son's interest in the book more than half a year.

The book "Pora na potwora" {ang. Time for Monster} Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński 

This book is great fun. Each page is divided into three parts. You can turn over it and create more new monsters of bizarre names. You can arrange the animals well-known, for those who do not know Polish language also names will be bizarre. Very similar books by these authors in the English version is "Let's Go Monsters"I would recommend - good fun!

My son having a great time, although he does not know the letters, but he knows that these are letters and invented words. Maybe you know of a similar type books that you recommend?



  1. Aww looks like a good book :) lovely pictures ..

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop :)


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