23 October 2015

Paper Plate Witch - DIY

For the week Halloween. Although I have little time, I always find time for Halloween crafts for kids. Unfortunately, photos do not always look like I would have wished, but not always possible to arrange everything, because the most important thing is having fun with your kids.

We will need:

  • paper plate
  • black, red and white (or other colours) paper
  • scissors
  • glue, stapler
  • black pen
 Paint the paper plate with green paint. Next cut out a withe's hat and eye. Trace your child's handprint  on red paper (6 times, you can folded paper so you  only have to cut once or twice). Once the green paint is dry, glue on the hat (I use also stapler), handprint hair, and the eyes. draw on the witches face.

If you liked this one, check out my Halloween Inspiration.

Halloween is a fun time for all, especially children, who get to dress up costume, eat yummy treats and carve pumpkins, but also the time when we use candles, which are sometimes the cause of the tragedy. Remember to be careful at this time. Sometimes just a moment of your inattention to cause the accident. How then to keep? I encourage you to read the article ''Halloween Fire Safety Guide''


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  1. This really is so sweet! A perfect and super simple DIY for the kids!


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