5 May 2016

Sand Castle - Activity for children on rainy days.

This post was originally published in The 12 of August 2015. I like this post, because it is a very current each year.
In Europe, there are heat, and here in Scotland the weather is like autumn. How is 18 degrees Celsius then I jump for joy and shouting - it's summer! Unfortunately, it happened maybe 3 times.
We were not at the beach this year, although the beach is located 18 miles from our town, but unfortunately it is too cold and it rains mostly at weekends. So we let the beaches to our house.

The idea was taken from the book Mister Maker Let's Make It!
Building a "fictional" sand castle is very simple.

We will need:

  • a small bag of sand
  • glue
  • scissors
  • roll of toilet paper or towels

 Of course, after such a fun sand will be all over the house. Be ready for vacuuming the house, and not once.


  1. That's a great idea bringing the beach to your house. We were lucky enough to get to the beach a couple of weekends ago as the weather has been mild here (south of England) popping over from FB Love2Blog xx

    1. thanks, it is true, but in Scotland maybe it's colder, but is more sunny then in summer :-)

  2. What a great project for a snowy day that will be here soon.

  3. What a great activity for kids! and such a simple one too xxx

  4. absolutely incredible! I love the pictures too, this is fantastic x


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