7 July 2015

Room Decorative Bicycle Patterned Pillows - TUTORIAL

My pregnancy was very tiring for me, even though everything was fine, every day I had nausea and I was exhausted. My second son have born three months ago. Although I'm a busy mom, but I manage to finish my projects which I have begun before my pregnancy. Today, I would like to share with you my simple tutorial- how to sew pillow cover?

Step1. Measure your pillow.
Step2. Cut front and back pieces. Back pieces should be about 10 inches longer.
Step 3. Cut the back piece in half, next fold long edge over and sew 2x.
Step 4. Position fabric pieces and pin together.
Step 5. Sew around edges.
Step 6. Flip right sides out.

 Cat - Bobik

Almost everyone in your household is tested pillows. :-)


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