4 June 2015

Using Maps as Kid's Room Decor #1

I decided to refresh my posts about my son's room. I will not be here another two weeks, because I have been studying for the exam.

I installed Disqus, which for some can be facilitated, and the other hurdle. I hope you don't stop to comment. During the installation occurred some error and I can not import the old comments, it's sad for me. You can traditionally comment by the blogger on mobile phones. Feel free to leave comment.

For a long time, I want to change the room's son because I think that is too boring. I love the rooms in black and white, but I do not see it my busy kid. The first thought that came to my mind was traveling, and traveling as it best fits me quite popular recently theme maps.

Always put off it for later, and so I didn't do anything, but most of the material to renew room I had. Today, inspired me, and I decided to focus on the little things. I glued the map on the wall, and Kai {my son} said - "WOW moms!" and I want to do more as soon as possible:-)

We just need a map, glue or pushpins, and we get a really nice effect. Why I did not do this before? I really do not know.

 Sweet dreams my darling!




  1. I love the map idea. I've always loved looking at a map of the world myself too. Lovely thing to have in a little one's room.

    1. Thanks. I've loved map too. I can look at the map for hours :-)


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