16 November 2014

Making chestnut animals

When the autumn started I begun to look around for chestnuts. Last year I have not found a single chestnut into a chestnut tree. I was very disappointed - autumn without chestnuts? This year, to my delight there was a lot of chestnuts.  Last month I started collecting chestnuts, and I remembered how, as children I used to make little toys with them. I really wanted to have the same fun with my child and I had.

I used chestnuts to make animals' bodies and heads, and sticks {you can use toothpicks or matchsticks} to make their legs, necks and tails. If chestnuts are too hard you can pierce the chestnut with small sharp scissors is an insert of sticks. Glue googly eyes and ready!

Are you also making chestnut animals?




  1. Very cute craft. What a creative idea to use chestnuts! Btw... your little boy is adorable!

    Kim @ This Ole Mom

  2. I've always loved chestnuts for decorations because they really are beautiful! Fun to use items we find on the ground to make crafts, and it will make a memory (as it did for you!) because they recur each year:)


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