17 August 2014

One summer day.

 We had a few beautiful summer days this year in Scotland. Although the summer was not as long and beautiful as last year, but it was not bad. Currently, the weather is awful, 13 °C - sometimes we have this weather in the winter.

Left me reminisce about those beautiful days and a little warm while watching images.

In my life preparing big changes, write about it soon. I hope you will be lenient with m'slow blogging' and still visit my blog.



  1. Wow, we are getting 13 degrees in Winter here! It feels too warm, I wish we would get more cold weather.
    I look forward to hearing about your big changes :)

    1. :-) my friend grew up in Poland, we walked together at -20 degrees . She currently lives near Melbourne tells me that you have too cold winter:-)))) already forgotten about the Polish winters :-))

  2. I hear you about summer being too short. Even here in Connecticut I feel like summer is slipping through my fingers! I like it hotter. I hope to visit Scotland some day, since lots of ancestors harken back to Scotland. When is the best time? July? What should I be sure to visit?

    1. July is a good time, though here with the weather you never know. May also sometimes is beautiful. In Scotland, all worth seeing such as the Isle of Sky, beautiful beaches (, a lot of beautiful lakes as the Loch Ness etc. I live in Scotland, only three years, and every place is beautiful to me.

  3. Lovely pictures !!!!
    Have a shinny week !

  4. Lovely, lovely photos there. Some amazing skies. And there is no better way to remember your summer days.x #creativemondays


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