11 April 2014

Easter Tree DIY.

Closer and closer to the Easter holidays. I really like the commercial part of Easter, it is very colourful and optimistic, and after a long winter I need it. on this occasion I made the first Easter decoration - Easter tree.

what will need: 
  • twigs
  • acrylic paint
  • brush
  • vase or other container on twigs
  • foil to protect the floor
  • Easter decoration

Step 1. Protect a place where you will paint. Step 2. Paint twigs. Step 3. Wait to dry the paint. Step 4. Put twigs in a vase. Step 5. Hang decorations.

How to make Easter bunnies? See HERE.



  1. Aww this is so sweet :) you did a great job here Joanna ...

  2. Hi Joanna, these are sweet! I hope your Easter was too. Thanks for sharing at the party and hope to see you again tomorrow!


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