21 March 2014

The library designed for children.

We are lucky that we have the Library for children in the city. All the shelves are at the height of children. Kids can choose their books, and even play the shelves with books {a pity that I did not do pictures}. Twice a week there are meetings for children, where you sing songs and read books.

Before our first visit to the library, I thought that my child doesn't like books. In fact, he just likes other books than the ones he has at home.

Book: Look Out Leon - J. Alborough {see the book on YouTube HERE}
I found this book by accident abandoned under the seat,
probably left it a child, I wanted to put on the shelf, but something tempted me to show this book to my son - I discovered what kind of books  likes my child. The book has something nice buzz or something to happen. We borrowed it and he watched it almost every day for two weeks, and even he started watching his other books. 

The next time he chose - Noisy Orchestra {here} with pleasant sounds. What I like most about it is that you can not switch the melody until it's over.
The second book I chose him - Charlie and Lola: Sizzles, Where are You? {here} I chose it because he really likes the cartoon with Lola and the book is very interesting done.



  1. We have a room for children at our local library, it is wonderful. Lots of board books for little babies (they get a bit chewed sometimes) and at a low height for them. Once a week we have 'rhyme time' where there is singing and rhymes and a story is read. I love seeing my little one playing with the other babies once it's over. And we get lots of books from the library. My little one loves books now.

    1. We also like similar meetings in the library. We're trying to sing - for me it is too new. My memories of the libraries are not so pleasant.

  2. My kids adore the library too. I just wish they could keep quiet!!

    1. My son is very quiet = something for a moment spoil

  3. Aww it is great to go to the library to see all the books, sounds like he will make some friends and have good fun


  4. I used to take my daughter to library every week back in the US. Now that I moved out from the country, I don't find them anymore in my city. So, I spend a lot in books. Great that you have a library fitting to children.

    Happy reading.

    #weekend hop

    1. Thanks Nishana for visit. It's a great that you spend a lot in books.


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