16 August 2013

Almond Truffles Recipe.

As you do the sweets, you will have sure that they are healthier. Therefore, it is worth taking 15 minutes.
I found a recipe on the blog here, but there is also a variety of healthy and delicious recipes. I changed the recipe a little to the ingredients that I had. Most important are the dates, and the rest ... it's what we like {almonds, walnuts, coconut ...}.

125 g of crushed almonds
100 g of organic dates {soak them in water until they are soft enough}
1/4 cup of chocolate powder or cocoa powder
pinch of salt
1 tsp gingerbread spice or cinnamon
agave syrup if you like very sweet

Combine dates and crushed amonds {if it is too dry add coconut oil or water which soaked up dates}. Add remaining ingredients except gingerbread spice and process until mixture is sticky to the touch and able to easily roll into balls {leave a little chocolate powder}. Mix chocolate powder and spice to gingerbread, and put into a bowl,  and roll truffles into chocolate powder. 

How easy was that? These taste absolutely delicious!

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  1. They do look good. I love a chocolate truffle, these look much healthier than anything I've made before.
    Nice photos :) The middle one makes me want to just pick it off the plate and eat it!


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